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Dodgeball: The Game

Jan 2018
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For Human-Computer Interactions, a course at Queen's, my group created a dodgeball-style game where the player has to dodge objects approaching them. The goal of the game is to effectively avoid the dodgeballs, by moving left and right. The movement of the player is tracked through the infrared sensor within the Wii Remote. By using 2 IR lights taped onto either sides of a pair of sunglasses, the Wii Remote has the ability to pick up the IR light reflected from objects and track player movement.

By using simple left and right movements, the player's physical movement is translated into movement for the in-game camera. The player will then either successfully dodge the balls, or experience a ‘hit’ resulting in a loss of 1 life. The game increases in difficulty the longer you play, and the score increases with time. If the player’s runs out of lives, it’s game over, and the player is given the option to play again.

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