Hey, I'm Ross 👋

I am a software developer and computer science student at Queen's University. I specialize in web development, and I'm always on the lookout for cool new technologies.

This year I am involved with QVFT, working on a fully automated vertical farm. I am also working on my capstone project, which is a digital box office and analytics system for foldA at the Isabel Bader Centre.



Director of Systems Automation – QVFT

In charge of running weekly meetings, setting goals, and providing technical assistance to team members. The CDA team is building an automated system for adjusting environment variables, such astemperature or light intensity, in order to maximize crop yield.

foldA Box Office System

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foldA is a live digital performance festival based out of the Isabel Bader Centre in Kingston, Ontario. For my capstone project, I am helping to create an online system for selling tickets and getting audience metrics for foldA.

Software Developer – QTMA

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Software developer in an eight-person product team, within a tech incubator at Queen’s University. Building a user interface using React.js for Studii, a collaborative studying web application for students.


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Gatsby / React
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MetaProjection is a website that aggregates multiple Canadian federal electoral projections in order to provide an overview of how the election is playing out, both federally and by district.

Software Developer Intern – Verafin

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I made multiple upgrades and bug fixes to the user interface that were requested by Verafin clients. I created a software plugin that identifies high risk customers across hundreds of institutions, based ontransaction and biographical characteristics.

A website with up-to-date global warming information and data. It provides a high-level overview of what global warming is – how it's caused, how much the Earth has warmed, and its observed and predicted effects.


Drawing robot

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Raspberry Pi

For Digital Systems, a course at Queen's, I made a drawing robot that listens to you and writes down what you say


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An online tool for generating Moment.js date format codes

Full Stack Deveoper Intern – Nudge.ai

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I implemented a system for receiving, verifying, and handling GDPR requests. I also added the capability for users to suggest changes to the information shown in our public pages with an intuitive interface.

Software Developer – QHacks

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Gatsby / React
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I helped build the landing page for the hackathon and a web portal which over 1800 students used to apply. The websites were built with React and used GraphQL to retrieve data for the user interface.

For Human-Computer Interaction, a course at Queen's, my group created a dodgeball game with motion tracking


CTO – MUSE Magazine

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I created a WordPress-based platform for publishing student-submitted articles, that reflects the design language of the physical MUSE magazine

Front End Developer Intern – Nudge.ai

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Using React.js with Redux, I created a modern interface for Nudge employees to carry out administrative tasks. Interacting with a RESTful API, this interface allows an administrator to create, delete, or modify accounts, and to directly access and modify person and company data used by the sales platform.


An interactive application that lets you explore the Mandelbrot set fractal. Made with Python and TKinter.

Started at Queen's University


Ski Instructor – Caledon Ski Club

I taught children how to ski – from their first time on skis to racing competitively in a team. I gained experience in leading a team and working closely with other employees.

Counsellor – Camp Hurontario

As a counsellor I worked with many different age groups from six to fourteen years old, and gained experience in working with people of different ability levels and interests.